Full Automatic Nitrogen Determinator(KDN-101)

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Based on classic Kjeldahl determination method, KDN-101 full automatic nitrogen determinator adopts single-chip microcomputer and realizes the automation of distillation process.

Functions and features:

• LCD display of the entire distillation process;

• The system can store and pre-set 10 menus according to requirements;

• Acid addition, alkali addition, distilled water addition, heating, waste liquid discharge and cleaning can be finished by one key;

• The five built-in micro pumps are mutually independent and don’t interfere with each other;

• Steam generator adopts distilled water or other pure water; it can add water automatically;

• Automatic sound reminder comes out when testing work is completed.

Items tested

Grains, food, dairy products, feeds, drinks and other agricultural and sideline products

Test range

Nitrogen content 0.05-90%

Sample weight

Solid: 0.3-8g; liquid: 5-30ml

Distilling period

5-7 min/sample

Working voltage

AC220V  50Hz



Recovery rate




Total weight


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